Custom Dies & Molds

Optimum Clarity For Research and Development  

Farlow’s Scientific Glassblowing provides time-saving solutions for the medical device industry. Glass tooling provides an economical method compared to other materials while offering transparent views for optimum device testing.  Our tipping dies, custom molds and capture tubes offer rapid, cost-effective solutions for R&D prototyping with:

  • exceptional clarity
  • various shapes
  • tight tolerances

Our products include:

  • RF Tipping Dies
  • Forming Tips
  • Straight/Capture Tubes
  • Standard Balloon Molds
  • Single Center Split Balloon Molds
  • Custom Tooling Molds

Customized glass components for research and production are available in our standard lead time, typically two weeks.

For more information download the appropriate worksheet or drawing by clicking on the link below. 

Radius Forming Tip Drawing

Tapered Forming Tip Drawing

Straight Tube Drawing

CT Mold Forms

Balloon Mold Drawings

Glass Repair Worksheet