Custom Anatomical Models

Where Form Meets Function In Saving LivesIMG_1421

Farlow’s Scientific Glassblowing partners with medical experts to create custom demonstrator models for particulate testing, flow testing, and training. In addition, our models have proven to be a cost-effective and humane alternative to laboratory animal testing. Medical research often requires unique models to assist in the realizing of a revolutionary concept or theory. Custom glass components create a transparent testing platform, permitting optimum observation under life-like conditions.

Our demonstrator heart, sinus, lung, and brain models are created to exhibit the highest level of detail including anomalies such as aneurysms to recreate situations that require the most skillful procedures. We’re capable of recreating the most complex systems of the human body.  Complete with veins, major arteries, and chambers of the heart, our most famous model, “Mrs. Einstein” is the ultimate research and marketing tool, representing one of the many ways our artisans recreate intricate anatomical systems to aid researchers, doctors and students in saving lives.


Our Anatomical Models can be custom built to your exact specifications including:

  • Heart Models
  • Brain Artery Models
  • Lung Models
  • Sinus Models
  • Any anatomical part or configuration you need for your medical device research and development

Included in every model we build:

  • Over 30 years of anatomical knowledge and glass blowing experience
  • Most models include hard plastic storage case, acrylic base and non-slip feet where applicable
  • Guaranteed Delivery in 4 to 6 weeks

For more information download the model template or glass repair worksheet by clicking on the link below.

Model Template

Glass Repair Worksheet