Technical Data

Farlow’s Scientific Glassblowing is known for working with our customers to bring ideas to fruition and create advanced tech_bodyimgresearch development tools. We continually maintain and upgrade our production facility with state-of-the art equipment and the latest technologies, enhancing our expertise with a variety of techniques and applications including:

Typical Applications:

  • Angioplasty/stent delivery balloon molds
  • Tipping dies
  • Capture sleeves and tubes
  • Analytical apparatus fabrication
  • Anatomical models

Specialized Techniques:

  • Eccentric/concentric centers
  • Precision drilling, boring, cutting, grinding
  • Custom tooling
  • Acid cleansing and re-sizing
  • Graded thermo-expansion seals

Production Capabilities:

  • Prototyping
  • Research and development runs
  • Low- and high-volume manufacturing

Size Ranges/Tolerances:

  • Standard tubing sizes in stock
  • Inside diameters down to .010 inches
  • Outside diameters up to 4 inches
  • Small diameter ID tolerance accuracy to 0.0002”

Custom Sizes and Shapes:

  • Converging or diverging flares
  • Formation of “custom” cross sections
  • Tapered, stepped or offset internal and external dimensions
  • Cross sections: circular, rectangular, square, half-circular, flats, etc.

Standard Tolerances:
These dimensions apply to medical products with inside diameters below .250”.
ID: +\- .0005”
SL: +\- .010”
TL: +\- .010”
OL: +\- .040”

OD Grinding Tolerances:
We currently have the capability of grinding parts up to 4” in length. These dimensions are based on the OL with the part that is being ground:
Parts with lengths up to:
4” Length – OD tol. of +\- .003”