The Aquaculture Industry has aqua_bodyimgbecome an important economic solution to feeding a growing world population while emphasizing the protection of coastal waters and wild stocks of seafood. Currently, with over 40% of our seafood supply being farmed, Farlow’s Scientific Glassware is at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry by offering inexpensive, non-toxic alternatives to current fabrication tooling and equipment.

Our custom glass components include tubing and connectors that provide optimal visualization for monitoring water flow and the accumulation of algae while offering a chemical-free environment compared to other materials that could potentially harm vital organisms. With the continuing advances of this burgeoning industry, aqua1_bodyimgFarlow’s is ready to work with your engineering team in the development of technologies. Our clients have included Taylor Shellfish Farms, Hawaiian Shellfish, Coastal Shellfish, Nova Harvest and more. We specialize in:

  • Fittings for Algae tanks
  • Tubing and Connectors
  • Products for oyster and clam farming
  • Custom Fittings
Aquaculture facility
Photo courtesy of Jim Donaldson
Olympus Aquaculture Consulting Inc.